Questionable Cartographies


The intent of this work is to disseminate the ponderings and probings with which I was engaged as a preparatory for an architectural thesis project. Its construction, organization, and content are meant to be designed as thoughtfully as the architectural manifestation to follow.

The format of the epistolary was chosen for several reasons. Firstly, the style of writing inherent to the letter typology is admittedly more conversational, but in a way that allows one to dispense with the formalities of the traditional theoretical paper format without sacrificing the richness of content and investigation. Secondly, it provides a means by which to express the exploratory nature of a thesis investigation. The fictional characters ‘A’ and ‘M’ embody the dichotomous relationship of a mentor and mentee, thereby exposing an advance of the protoge’s understanding of philosophical concepts, previously foreign to him. Finally, the work is meant to function and be legible on multiple levels. It is first and foremost intended to introduce themes instrumental to the subsequent design of an architectural project in a way that is easily conceived, even by those outside of the field. For those who are more intimately familiar with the philosophical arguments from which these ideas emanate, however, my hope is that a deeper awareness of my intentions is revealed.


Open Letters is a print experiment carried out by a group of editors hailing from Harvard's Graduate School of Design that tests the epistolary form as a device for generating conversations about architecture and design.

Open Letters operates as a platform for discursive exchanges. The views and ideas expressed in letters published by Open Letters are those of the correspondents and do not necessarily reflect those of the editors, the publication or any affiliated institution. But we eagerly invite intervention by response from any and all, may they be delighted, confused or incensed!