Petaling Backwards

Artist MiniGolf Plan Composition-small.jpg

PETALING BACKWARDS        Center for Visual Artists; Greensboro, NC       Installation Period: July 2019       

“The Center for Visual Artists (CVA) announces Gate City Acres, a complete playable nine-hole mini-golf course that has been designed by local artists to fill the CVA’s gallery space in the Greensboro Cultural Center.”

Schemata|studio was asked to participate in the design of an artist-designed course where each hole has a unique identity and strategy. Petaling Backwards relates to the underlying tactics of a ‘Manhattan Transcripts-’inspired design. The summertime flaneur does not always look at the most efficient mode of achieving a trajectory. However, Tschumi anticipated narratives in which protagonists’ desires for accomplishing a specific goal are depicted through diagrammatic sequencing. The ultimate end of Petaling Backwards resides back at the beginning of one’s journey and questions what going backwards means in today’s various modes of ‘forward and faster.’

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