Frost Residence

03 Side View.jpg

FROST RESIDENCE        Raleigh, NC       Project Completed: 2017

A single family residence is transformed from a one story brick bungalow into a structure more fitting with the family's lifestyle and interests. A play of volumes and circulation axes cut through the living spaces to lend clarity to its organization. Daylighting of the interior spaces was achieved largely through close collaboration between spatial articulation and envelope design.

04 Front Dormer View.jpg
02 Rear Side Entrance.jpg
14 Dining View.jpg
01 Rear Deck Entrance.jpg
10a Master Bath.jpg
09b Kitchen.jpg
08 North Castle.jpg
05a Mezzanine From Below.jpg
11 Mezzanine towards Windows.jpg
12 Living Room.jpg
07a Rear of House.jpg